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The satisfaction and comfort of our customers here at is of utmost importance to us. This is why your privacy is very important to us and we want to make you feel comfortable regarding your privacy whenever you visit our site. Keeping this in mind we have created a privacy policy so that whenever you are about to use our services, you are informed about the information of yours that will be shared with us.

  1. Types Of Data Collected: Data collected from you when you visit our website includes your IP address, your operating system, your browser, and your internet service provider. We have tried to keep the data we collect from you as non-personal as we can. Nothing that can be classified as too personal has been listed in our policy of the data we collect.
  2. Cookies: The usage of cookies has been limited. It is only used to collect your store preferences, the language you select, to track the information you provide, and your sessions.
  3. Third Parties: Third party service providers are part of our site. In addition to this, links to third party sites are also part of the coupons and deals provided on our site. Whenever you click on a coupon, a new tab will take you to the store's official site where the transaction takes place.
  4. How Your Information Is Used: Some of the information you will provide us will be used for different purposes. To manage the traffic of the website effectively, to manage keywords and searches, to provide customer service, to manage your activity, to enforce our terms and conditions, and to assist you in the difficulties you may face are some of the purposes your information will be used. Third party service providers will also be provided with some of your information to make the quality of services provided to you can be made better. Users from certain countries may also be blocked by using this information. This information may be retained until the objective of the business is fulfilled.
  5. Protecting Your Personal Information: A variety of security measures have been taken to keep your personal information protected from getting into the wrong hands because we care about you and your information.
  6. Disclosures: Due to legal obligations and processes your personal information will be disclosed at certain places. This is why we reserve the right to disclose certain parts of your information to complete these legal processes.
  7. Notification Of Changes: You will be notified whenever any changes in our terms or our privacy policy takes place. We have the complete right of changing these policies and terms from time to time and you will be notified about them.
  8. Disputes: Any kind of dispute you may face regarding your privacy will be subjected to terms including provisions related to any loss or damage you face.
  9. How To Contact Us: If you have any questions or are looking for more information regarding ours terms or policy you can contact us at

Please note that if you do not agree with any of our terms or policy, kindly do not subscribe to our newsletter or create an account on our site or interact with our services. Any interaction with us means that you will immediately be subjected to our terms.

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